Elkview General Hospital

"Thank you for your professionalism throughout this project.  Your advice and innovative, current ideas for the website were exceptional and much appreciated.  I appreciated your willingness to work with us and to make this a painless process.  I love the end product... Thanks Again!"

– Lisa Hart, CEO


 User Experience Design  Content Development  Strategy Development  Responsive Web Design  Staff Directory  Wireframing


Elkview General Hospital came to us, they had a website, but it wasn't representative of who they are– a top flight medical center and pillar within the community. They wanted a website that looked modern while being easy to navigate, highlighted their connection to their community, showcased their growing staff and satellite clinics.


The challenge with Elkview Hospital was that a traditional Call-to-Action strategy would not work with a hospital since not all people visiting the site would have reason to become patients right away (since not all site visitors would have urgent medical needs). We determined it was important for Elkview to showcase a memorable presence within their community while remaining easily accessible. Enter the "Visit Us" CTA strategy. A frequent reminder throughout the site for website visitors to visit Elkview when the need arises, access to location information for Elkview Hospital and it's multiple clinics was made prominent. We coupled that approach with social media integration throughout the site for the hospital and its clinics showing their community events. And lastly, we put faces to Elkview by providing a staff directory with clinic and contact information designed to show visitors that their are real people from their community who are providing healthcare at Elkview Hospital. All of this resulted in new attention for the hospital and a better reflection of who they are to their community. 

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