A Good Brand is So Much More Than a Logo

While a good brand starts with a memorable logo, we at Create Beast believe a brand is more than a logo. When clients come to Create Beast looking to brand or rebrand their company we start with a series of conversations to help explore explore and discover the ethos of your brand. During the process we research your competition, your target audience, and your personal tastes.



  • Organic

    A great brand will reach your customers before you do. So its important to us that we design a brand that represents your company in a way you are proud of. We design logos that make strong first impressions.

  • Simplistic

    The most iconic brands all have one thing in common– simplicity. This is because simple logos are easier for people to see and remember quickly. Our focus is on making your logo simple, bold, and memorable.

  • Durable

    Logo trends change frequently. So we keep an eye on the trends but design your logo with longevity in mind so that your brand grows with your business and stands the test of time.