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After we rebranded Lexington Steel to the Lex Group, they needed a website to match. Coming from an industry with as rich of a history as steel manufacturing, the Lex Group needed a website that that would give them the modern edge over the competitors while addressing their their clients needs. All this, while honoring the quality of the product and the hard, blue-collar work on which the industry runs. 


The look of the site sprang naturally from the rebrand we had performed for the Lex Group. The dual-tone blue, grays, and white aesthetic were an easy extension of the brand. Where the real work took place was the consultation on and curation of the content throughout the site. The Lex Group and all of the competition had used language focused around the quality of the product they were offering. While quality is of the utmost importance, we searched for a way to differentiate the quality of the Lex Group's steel coil from that of their competition. We needed an extra edge. Something that tapped into their customers concerns and offered them a picture of how life could be easier when buying steel from the Lex Group. We settled on "convenience." The Lex Group has 3 world class manufacturing centers across North America. The strategic location of these centers allow Lex Group to provide steel at a high quality with the added of level of convenience in terms of speed, lower shipping costs, and turn around times. We used language to explain to their customers that by doing business with the Lex Group work-life could become easier without having to stress about shipping costs from facilities further away of orders that were convenient and on-time. By giving the Lex Group a strategic edge in the way they spoke to their clients needs and coupling that edge with an easy to navigate, modern website who's sole focus is to help customer's "Get a Quote" the Lex Group is now able to stand out from their competitors. 

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